NMSU's Extension Master Gardener Programs

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Bernalillo County

To be a Bernalillo County Master Gardener, you need a combination of volunteer and gardening experience, preferably in the Albuquerque area. You must attend a minimum of 40 hours of classes. A minimum of 40 hours of volunteer service must also be completed by October 31.

Bernalillo County Contact Information:
Contact Sara Mora Duran for more information.
(505) 243-1386

Bernalillo County Web Site 2017 Interns presently completing their 40 volunteer hours of volunteer service. Registration for 2018 now closed.

Albuquerque Area Master Gardeners

Chaves County

Chaves County Contact Information:
Sandra Barraza
(505) 622-3210

Colfax County

Colfax County Contact Information:
Boe Lopez
(575) 445-8071

2017 Interns presently completing their hours of volunteer service.

Doña Ana County

Doña Ana County Contact Information:
Jeff Anderson
(575) 525-6649

Doña Ana County Web Site
Doña Ana County Master Gardeners Web Site

Classes for 2018 begin in August.

Eddy County

Eddy County Contact Information:
Woods Houghton
(575) 887-6596

Eddy County Web Site

Grant County

Grant County Contact Information:
Jessica Swapp
(575) 388-1559

Lea County

Lea County Contact Information:
Wayne Cox
(575) 396-2819

Lea County Web Site

Classes temporarily suspended.

Lincoln County

(Joint Master Gardener Program with Otero County)
Lincoln County Contact Information:
Contact Sid Goodlow in Otero County for more information
(575) 648-2311

Lincoln County Web Site

Los Alamos County

Los Alamos Contact Information:
Carlos Valdez
Los Alamos@nmsu.edu
(505) 662-2656

Los Alamos Web Site

The next program will begin in February of 2018. If you have questions regarding this program, please contact the county agent, Carlos Valdez at (505) 662-2656 for more information.

Luna County

Luna County Contact Information:
Jack Blandford
(575) 546-8806

Luna County Web Site

Otero County

Otero County Contact Information:
Sid Gordon
(575) 437-0231

Otero County Web Site

Classes to begin in August/September of 2018.

Sandoval County

Sandoval County Contact Information:
Lynda Garvin
(505) 867-2582

Sandoval County Web Site

Sandoval County Master Gardeners
Next program will begin in January of 2018. See our website for registration information.

San Juan County

San Juan County Contact Information:
Bonnie Hopkins
(505) 334-9496

San Juan County Web Site

Classes will begin again August 2018. To enroll or find out more information, please contact the county agent, Bonnie Hopkins at (505) 334-9496.

Santa Fe County

Santa Fe County Contact Information:
Tom Dominguez
(505) 471-4711

Santa Fe County Web Site

Santa Fe County Master Gardeners Web Site

Registration is closed. Classes will begin in February. Call the county office or see our website for more information.

Taos County

Taos County Contact Information:
Tony Valdez
(575) 758-3982

Taos County Web Site

The next program will begin February 2018. Contact Tony Valdez at (575) 758-3982 for more information.

Valencia County

Valencia County Contact Information:
Newt McCarty
(505) 565-3002

Valencia County Web Site

Our next program will begin January 2018. Join us!

Valencia County Master Gardener Website